Approved March 16, 2023

            The NSCAC shall be a communications vehicle between the home medical equipment (HME) industry and the  National Provider Enrollment (NPE) Contractors. The NPE is a contracted CMS function with responsibility for managing the assignment and maintenance of Medicare Supplier Numbers to the home medical equipment industry. As of November 2022, there are two (2) contractors – NPE East is Novitas and NPE West is Palmetto GBA. The Committee will accomplish this by establishing and maintaining strong relationships with the NPE staff; meeting with the NPE contractors on a periodic basis; providing the communication tools to facilitate thorough and prompt transfer of information to, and from, the NSCAC Membership, their state associations and Jurisdiction Councils/Advisory Committees and coordinating the issues within the industry to adequately reflect the concerns of the majority.

            The NSCAC is an organization comprised of individuals that are representing their respective DME MAC Jurisdiction Advisory Committees/Councils in all four regions in the United States. It was formed with the purpose of; improving communication between the  National Provider Enrollment (NPE) contractors and the supplier community, suggesting to the  NPE contractors targeted educational opportunities regarding supplier number obligations to DMEPOS suppliers, and creating a problem solving/communication link between the DMEPOS supplier community and the NSC.  The NSCAC meets regularly with the senior management of the NPE contractors. The NPE contractors have recognized the NSCAC as a liaison to the industry.

            The representatives on the NSCAC shall solicit input from their membership who will in turn solicit input from their respective States/State Associations on issues including, but not limited to, the following areas: CMS 855S Enrollments/Re-Enrollments; Licensure; Site Visits; Customer Service; Education; NPE Websites. 

            Concerns and specific questions will be collected in these areas related to the process of applying, maintaining, renewing, deactivating, reactivating and cancellation for a Medicare Supplier number. These questions will be submitted to the  NPE contractors on a quarterly basis, and the NPE contractors will provide the Committee with the answers at the quarterly meetings.

            The Committee will distribute these answers, as well as any other pertinent information collected, back to the NSCAC Membership. The NSCAC Membership would then distribute the information to their respective state associations and Jurisdiction Councils/Advisory Committees.

            The Committee will also address legislative, regulatory, EDI, BIU issues with the NPE contractors and invited guests as they related to the operational statement of work that the NPE has and their impacts on the Medicare Supplier number process.  The assigned CMS liaison shall be invited to committee meetings on an as needed basis.

            The Committee will be open to Supplier/Provider representation from all 4 DME MAC Jurisdictions. Each Jurisdiction will be allowed four voting representatives at the Committee meetings. Voting representatives are expected to participate in all meetings. Failure to participate in 2 consecutive meetings may result in the NSCAC Executive Committee requesting that the appropriate DME MAC Jurisdiction Council appoint a replacement representative.

            To facilitate the communication and activities of the Committee, all meetings are open to guests who have an interest in the HME industry. However, guests are only allowed to speak after NSCAC members at the NSCAC only meeting and are not allowed to discuss any issues with the  NPE contractors. 

            Vendors, manufacturers and associations may be invited/elect to serve as a representative on Committee.  These entities may join the Committee pursuant to paying appropriate annual dues.

            A “Non-voting” Representative is on the Committee and is open to suppliers/providers/consultants/accreditation agencies that are not already appointed through the Medicare Advisory Councils. The Representative is unable to speak at joint meetings. The Representative asking to join will need to be approved by the voting membership in a case-by-case basis. Once approved, the representative may join the Committee pursuant to paying appropriate annual dues.

           The NSCAC may be represented by officials from the areas of Provider Relations, Medical Policy, BIU, EDI, Medical Review, Customer Service, Claims Processing, Fraud and Abuse, Ombudsmen, and other department personnel selected by the NPE contractors at the time of the scheduled meeting.

            The NSCAC shall meet on a quarterly basis, with each meeting being scheduled at the end of the previous meeting (upon agreement of dates and times by a majority of those present).

             Each Jurisdiction, as identified heretofore, shall be permitted selection of up to four supplier/provider representatives to serve on the Committee.  Each respective state and/or association shall determine the terms and conditions of its supplier representatives.

            The Committee shall elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer who shall serve a two-year term if elected by Committee.  Contiguous terms are appropriate if approved by the council.  There is no limit established by Committee members or leadership to serve. The Chair or Vice-Chair must be a provider of DMEPOS. The Secretary or Treasurer must be a provider of DMEPOS. The only exception will be if there is a lack of 50% of provider nominees. Nominations must come from the Committee membership. Elections will be held the last quarter meeting in odd years. Installation of officers will be the first quarter meeting of even years.

            The Committee shall engage an Administrative Services group to handle all clerical and accounting functions within the Committee.  Fees and terms will be negotiated annually by the Chair and approved by the Executive Committee.

            Each Jurisdiction DME MAC Council/Committee shall be assessed an annual fee of $1,250* to cover the operational costs incurred by the Committee.

             Allied members, such as national/regional/small suppliers/providers, national associations, vendors and manufacturers will be assessed an annual fee of $500* to cover the operational costs incurred by the Committee. Allied members are allowed to vote on Council business.

             Non-voting representatives, such assuppliers/providers/consultants/accreditation agencies, will be assessed an annual fee of *$300 to cover the operational costs incurred by the Committee. Non-voting representatives are not allowed to vote on Council business.

             * Fees may change depending on the financial needs of the Committee by majority vote of the official representatives from each state present at the time.

            The Committee will pay for meeting rooms, if applicable.

            The Chair shall preside over the Committee at the regular Committee meeting, and the Committee/NPE meeting.  In his/her absence, the Vice-Chair shall preside over said meetings.

            Only NSCAC Members, except for Non-voting representatives, are able to vote on NSCAC business. Guests are allowed to speak after NSCAC members at the NSCAC only meeting. Guests are not allowed to discuss any issues with the NPE contractors.  Members and Guests are not allowed to discuss individual company issues before or after the NSCAC/NPE meetings.

            All travel and related expenses of Committee members are the sole responsibility of that member, unless determined differently by each respective state association.

Disclaimer: This website is not a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) or National Provider Enrollment (NPE) website and is not sanctioned by them. While the NSCAC will strive to provide the most up to date information possible, in today's rapidly changing DME/HME environment the National Supplier Clearinghouse Advisory Committee (NSCAC) cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information being provided. The NSCAC Executive Committee and its members are not liable for any inaccuracies which may occur or for any losses which may result from information contained on this website.