Each Jurisdiction DME MAC Council/Advisory Committee shall be permitted selection of up to four supplier/provider representatives to serve on the Committee.  Each respective state and/or association shall determine the terms and conditions of its supplier representatives.

            Allied members, such as national/regional/small suppliers/providers, national associations, vendors and manufacturers will be assessed an annual fee of $500* to cover the operational costs incurred by the Committee. Allied members are allowed to vote on Council business.

           Non-voting representatives, such as providers/consultants/accreditation agencies, will be assessed an annual fee of *$300 to cover the operational costs incurred by the Committee. Non-voting representatives are not allowed to vote on Council business.

* Fees may change depending on the financial needs of the Committee by majority vote of the official representatives from each state present at the time.

          Dues are on a calendar year basis. For NSCAC Membership application, select the respective invoice below. Please forward your request to become a member of the NSCAC to the NSCAC Administration, amcouncils@associationmgnt.com.

The Representative asking to join may need to be approved by the voting membership in a case-by-case basis. Once approved, the representative may join the Committee pursuant to paying appropriate annual dues.

Click here for the NSCAC Membership Brochure that includes a Allied Member Invoice and/or Non-voting Representative Member Invoice. 


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